Every time we drive a vehicle we have countless opportunities to choose between safety and convenience. Should I slow down as I approach a yellow light or speed through the intersection so I’m not late for work? Do I risk letting my food get cold sitting in the passenger seat or multitask and bite into that burger? Will I resist looking at my phone or do I pick it up to see what is blowing up the text feed? Everyone knows that safety is the right choice, but curiosity and response time are often win out in the moment. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice safety to enjoy your ride and keep in the loop. You don’t when you equip your vehicle with a Bluetooth car stereo.

Mobile Phones and Auto Accidents

A distracted driver texting while driving

25% of accidents involve a mobile phone.

Living in a world that revolves around constant communication and availability, we have have our mobile devices with us at all times. Unfortunately there are 1.6-million involving mobile phones each year, or one out of every four accidents in the United States. In Oklahoma it is illegal to text and drive. In the near future it may be illegal to use a handheld device at all while driving. The solution to this dilemma is Bluetooth, a wireless technology used to stream audio, transfer data and broadcast information between devices like your phone and your vehicle.

Go Hands-Free with a Bluetooth Car Stereo

Bluetooth features include hands-free calling, texting, email assistant, and accessing your contacts. All without ever taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. Listen to music, podcasts, and navigate through traffic without the distraction of a screen. Driving a car with Bluetooth helps you follow the law and stay safe without giving up your connectivity. Additional accessories may enhance your Bluetooth experience. Placing your mobile device in a mount or clamp while you drive gives you uninhibited access and lets you focus on the road. If your car stereo isn’t equipped with hands-free technology, visit us to get the latest options for your desired capabilities.

When you choose a vehicle to invest in, you choose safety and convenience. Let us update your car stereo to a Bluetooth-enabled system and enjoy the modern hands-free driving experience at its best!