Get A Home Theater Experience For The Holidays

Get A Home Theater Experience For The Holidays

What do you think of when you think of home? Does the word call to mind an image of sitting in a comfortable chair with a hot drink while watching your favorite TV show? Or maybe you recall your childhood home, gathered with your loved ones watching a movie together. And many of us have fond memories of inviting our friends over to watch a championship game from the comfort of our living room. No matter what you associate with the idea of home, one common ideal runs through all American families. Enjoying entertainment together. Over half a century ago home television sets ushered in a new era of recreation. As the years pass and technology develops we have access to more and more options for customizing our own experience. Now you can have the ultimate audio-visual experience without leaving home when you invest in a home theater.

Audio Advice Home CinemaAffordable Options For Home Theater

Gone are the days when the idea of having a private theater in your house seems unrealistic or exorbitant. Not only is the technology readily available and more affordable, but you can also enjoy the freedom of choice when you design your ideal setup. There are extensive options for screen size, image quality, audio capacity, and more! You can decide exactly what you want your home theater experience to look and sound like. The variety of audio and video equipment available accommodates any budget. You can have peace of mind knowing that these quality installations will last. Don’t settle for your old TV and speakers anymore, give your family the gift of countless hours of entertainment in your home theater.

Does Your Home Theater Need An Upgrade?

Audio Advice Home Theater

Are you already enjoying a home theater, but feel like you could improve it even more? Upgrade your theater with the newest updates that technology has to offer and keep your home entertainment at its very best. Maybe you are ready to invest more into your home. Or maybe you want to create a space for your friends and family to enjoy time together with the movies, television, and music that you love to share. Whatever your reason, adding a home theater or media room to your house is one decision that will pay off for years to come.

At Audio Advice we offer the equipment you need and the service you deserve to meet all of your home theater needs. This holiday season, consider purchasing a home theater package. It’s the ultimate gift for yourself or a loved one. Imagine your home being the center of love and laughter as your friends and family gather and enjoy entertainment together. That can be your reality with a little help from Audio Advice, get a free consultation and find out how!

For more home theater information, read Home Theater: Smart Entertainment At Home

Repairs and Upgrades for End of Summer

Repairs and Upgrades for End of Summer

Summer is coming to its final days of freedom and fun. The feelings that we associate with the warmer months has a tendency to fade as well. But it doesn’t have to! Audio Advice has the repairs and upgrades you need to keep your sound equipment at its best.

Repairs and Upgrades for Sound Quality

Upgrades and repairs for your motorcycle

This turn of the seasons an excellent opportunity to seek new adventures afforded by the onset of autumn. But it is also an ideal time to invest in the needed repairs or upgrades on the vehicles that take you there. Whether you prefer to spend your free time on the water in your boat, or cruising the highways on your motorcycle, Audio Advice is here to help. We provide repairs and upgrades to the ultimate audio experience for your next season of recreation.

Maybe as you enjoyed yourself this summer you noticed that it was difficult to hear your music over the crashing of the waves as you sped across the lake. Or maybe your motorcycle maxed out its volume without overcoming the sounds of traveling the open road. Whatever you like to listen to, a powerful sound system is key to maximizing your enjoyment. At Audio Advice we offer a selection of durable, compact equipment to meet your needs and preferences. We can make repairs and upgrades to your current system or enhance your basic setup with new speakers and amps. Our professionals are happy to assist you in any element of creating the optimal sound experience.

Next Level Stereo On the Go

Upgrades and repairs for your boatYou wouldn’t let your motorcycle or boat fall into mechanical disrepair and risk the loss your investment, would you? So don’t forget to give attention to the smaller details like your sound system, that can make or break your enjoyment. A new and improved stereo or new speakers can amplify your pursuit of fun and add an element of sound quality that you have been missing out on.

Picture your memories of this summer and its highlights, and imagine how the rest of 2018 and beyond will be even better with the freedom, clarity, and power of your upgraded sound system. Contact us with your questions and ideas. 

Marine Audio for Great Sounds on the Water

Marine Audio for Great Sounds on the Water

Marine Audio for Great Sounds on the Water

Why do you love summer? Is it the sunshine, the ice cream, or your time spent with friends and family? Or do you look forward to summer for heading to the lake and enjoy a weekend on the water? Whether relaxing, spending an afternoon skiing, or hosting a dance party on the dock, one essential element of a good time is music. And with your boat outfitted with the right marine audio equipment, you’ll be the ultimate host and make this your best summer yet.

Custom Marine Audio for Your Boat

Marine audio speaker systems for your boatUpgrading your boat with the latest marine audio speakers brings more power, possibility, and control to your sound experience. When we listen to music in our cars, homes, or anywhere on our mobile phones, we expect clarity and an impressive range of volume to suit our preferences. Why should listening on a boat be any reason to compromise your expectations?  With simple controls and options for remote or Bluetooth-enabled systems, you can focus on the fun without sacrificing quality. And while it may be difficult to find music everyone can agree on, it will be so much easier! You’ll have a marine audio setup that lets you choose from radio, CDs, USB input, or even wireless streaming. The result is you can make the water your own and enjoy the freedom of an endless audio opportunity.

Resilient Engineering for All Elements

Just like the rest of your boat, a marine sound system endures unique conditions. Water, direct sunlight, and intense heat for hours at a time all add up. But this is one luxury you won’t have to worry about maintaining. Your system will be engineered to withstand hotter temperatures, UV resistant, and completely waterproof. A durable marine audio system will perform exceptionally and save you from the hassle of worry. With options for professional or personal installation, additional amplifiers, and other personalizations you can choose exactly what you want without settling for less. Nothing will hold you back from enjoying your leisure time this summer with a new or updated system installed. So just imagine what summer sounds like to you, and let us set up your marine audio system to bring it to life!

Drive In Comfort From The “Remote Start”

Drive In Comfort From The “Remote Start”

Your vehicle, frozen in the snow outside

Start your vehicle remotely and avoid the elements.

When we think of gifts we would like to receive, we often dream of the extravagant or expensive items at the top of our imagined lists. And while those luxuries are appealing in their elusive desirability, sometimes a simple thing can be the most gratifying. Your vehicle is a daily necessity and one of the few places you can truly make your own. Now you can upgrade your car, truck, or SUV with the simple and convenient pleasure of a remote start system.

Remote Start…And More Convenience

Viper Color OLED 2-Way Security + Remote Start System

Viper’s top-of-the-line, one-mile range 2-Way vehicle security and remote start system.

With remote start installed in your vehicle you gain the benefit of a more comfortable ride with minimal effort. Using the remote app on your phone you can turn your SUV on and off from your home or office. Adjust the cabin to your desired temperature by the time you are ready to go. No more shivering in your seat while you wait for the windshield to defrost. No more suffering the dense heat inside your truck on a summer afternoon.

The remote start system solves the problem of losing your car in a crowded parking lot. Just a tap on your smartphone screen activates the car finder feature. A panic feature is included with your system because your safety is priority. Do you hate the balancing act of trying to open and close your trunk without dropping an armful of groceries? It has you covered with convenient trunk release capabilities.

Autostart SmartStart on your smartphone

Start, control or locate your vehicle from virtually anywhere with Autostart.

Control Your Vehicles From Your Smartphone

Operating the system is as easy as downloading the an app, which provides a user-friendly experience that is easy to incorporate into your day. If you have multiple vehicles in one household, you can access them all through the same app, keeping everyone connected.

Whether you know someone who deserves a quality gift or feel like treating yourself, choose a remote start system. It is a simple upgrade that can bring convenience and comfort that you can count on. Much more than starting your vehicle, a remote start system saves you time, effort, and frustration from your daily routine.


For a simple and practical companion to remote start, be sure your vehicle stays connected with Bluetooth.


Home Theater: Smart Entertainment At Home

Home Theater: Smart Entertainment At Home

Home is where we create our own ideal worlds. Your home is a place where you can tailor every detail to your personal desire. It is easier than ever to create a perfect space to live in and enjoy. You can’t control the world outside, but at home you can make life what you want it to be. And why would you want anything less than the best? When you equip your home theater with smart technologies, you make it the ideal place to relax and enjoy recreation with family.

Home Theater and Family Media Rooms

Optimize any area of your home with the best in audio and video.

The Convenience Of Home Theater

We have an abundance of options when choosing our entertainment, and now more than ever we can enjoy our favorite films, television programs, and music with the added benefit of convenience. A home theater system gives you all the variety, quality, and enjoyment of going out to a movie theater or concert venue without the inconveniences of cost, travel, and crowds. You don’t have to put up with the hassle of fitting your recreation into someone else’s schedule. With home theater speakers you can play whatever you want, whenever you want.  

Cinema Sound In Your Home Theater

With a professional-grade smart speaker system, you enjoy the optimal experience no matter what you are listening to. Film, television, audiobooks, podcasts, and more come to life when you hear them through the state-of-the-art technology of your own home theater speakers. With home theater speakers you get an immersive audio experience in your own living room. Imagine the sound of beautiful music flowing through your home as you enjoy a relaxing afternoon. Or the thrill of hearing the dialogue of your favorite movie in clear, rich precision. When you install home theater speakers, you can have the best of what current technology has to offer without sacrificing comfort or quality.

Smart Home Theater Sound

The user-friendly features of smart home technology make it even more enjoyable for people of all ages.

Sonos Home Theater Speaker System

Sonos now offers voice-controlled smart speakers supporting multiple voice services.

You don’t have to know a lot about modern technology to use smart speakers, all you need is your voice. With voice control you can play, pause, adjust volume and more- all without even the click of a button. In-home entertainment should be fun, not stressful! With these features you never have to worry about how to access your favorite media. You have the control. Purchasing smart speakers for your home is the key to unlocking the best way to enjoy all of your audio entertainment. Give yourself and your family the gift of high-quality entertainment, and see how ideal your home can be.

Bluetooth Car Stereo: Drive with Safety & Convenience

Bluetooth Car Stereo: Drive with Safety & Convenience

Every time we drive a vehicle we have countless opportunities to choose between safety and convenience. Should I slow down as I approach a yellow light or speed through the intersection so I’m not late for work? Do I risk letting my food get cold sitting in the passenger seat or multitask and bite into that burger? Will I resist looking at my phone or do I pick it up to see what is blowing up the text feed? Everyone knows that safety is the right choice, but curiosity and response time are often win out in the moment. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice safety to enjoy your ride and keep in the loop. You don’t when you equip your vehicle with a Bluetooth car stereo.

Mobile Phones and Auto Accidents

A distracted driver texting while driving

25% of accidents involve a mobile phone.

Living in a world that revolves around constant communication and availability, we have have our mobile devices with us at all times. Unfortunately there are 1.6-million involving mobile phones each year, or one out of every four accidents in the United States. In Oklahoma it is illegal to text and drive. In the near future it may be illegal to use a handheld device at all while driving. The solution to this dilemma is Bluetooth, a wireless technology used to stream audio, transfer data and broadcast information between devices like your phone and your vehicle.

Go Hands-Free with a Bluetooth Car Stereo

Bluetooth features include hands-free calling, texting, email assistant, and accessing your contacts. All without ever taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. Listen to music, podcasts, and navigate through traffic without the distraction of a screen. Driving a car with Bluetooth helps you follow the law and stay safe without giving up your connectivity. Additional accessories may enhance your Bluetooth experience. Placing your mobile device in a mount or clamp while you drive gives you uninhibited access and lets you focus on the road. If your car stereo isn’t equipped with hands-free technology, visit us to get the latest options for your desired capabilities.

When you choose a vehicle to invest in, you choose safety and convenience. Let us update your car stereo to a Bluetooth-enabled system and enjoy the modern hands-free driving experience at its best!

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

Need to get that special gift in for Christmas 2016?  We are Tulsa’s Audio and Video Specialists.

When it comes to Christmas gifts, is there anything more impressive than finding a new flat screen or premium audio system under the Christmas tree? If you’re looking for great deals on TVs or audio systems for yourself or a loved one, we have the answers and the best products for the best price in the Tulsa area.  The best part is that we also have trained professionals to install your new present or give you the best advice on how to set it up.  This year, we’ve got special deals on cutting edge 4K models, as well as smart TVs, and even some high-quality home projectors that can replace your TV entirely.  We also have included some key accessories for TV lovers, such as set-top boxes and mounting hardware.  Looking to score a big deal on a new flat screen or 4K TV? Give us a call at (918)664-1933