Audio Advice Tulsa

Anthem – Performance From The Heart

Audio Advice has a large selection of Anthem amplifiers. Rendering delicate musical details one moment and room-shaking explosions the next in your own home.

Cutting Edge Multi-Mono Design


P5 Amplifier by Anthem

A powerful independent amplifier. Each channel is self-contained on its own glass-epoxy circuit board and heatsink benefiting from an independent power supply. With the absence of a common audio path between channels there is absolutely no crosstalk.

Performance That’s Rock Solid


STR Power Amplifier by Anthem

Delivers massive power generation with audiophile-quality output in a smartly designed component. The STR has sixteen bipolar output devices per channel, resulting in peak production that is effortless and instantaneous, cinching even the most challenging material which dramatically reduces distortion while ensuring extreme linearity, extensive bandwidth, and stress-free reliability.

Fully Powered Independent-Zone Subwoofer Connections


MDX-16 Amplifier by Anthem

Engineered to simplify your custom audio system installation, and nothing is simpler than on-site configuration and calibration using our intuitive Web-based controls that work on any device.